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See Daniel C Dennett below giving a lecture entitled: 'How did the humanities evolve?' This is the first of four lectures given by Professor Dennett during the Hilary term 2012 as part of the College's broader liberal arts curriculum. He discusses the relevance and importance of scientific understanding in an humanities-based education, and works to encourage a move away from seeing the Arts and Sciences as discontinuous disciplines. How did Homo sapiens evolve to be so different from other animals? How did humans come up with new technological innovations such as speaking, writing and drawing? Daniel C. Dennett addresses these questions amongst many others in this fascinating lecture. Notions of comprehension, acquisition, intelligent design and reasoning are all brought into play here. Better still - Professor Dennett delivers his lecture in relation to parallels found in the lives of 'apps' and cuckoos! New College of the Humanities (NCH) offers a new model of higher education for the humanities in the UK. NCH students enjoy one of the best staff-to-student ratios in UK higher education and benefit from a high number of quality contact hours including engaging and challenging one-to-one tutorials.

Professor Daniel Dennett - How Did the Humanities Evolve?
New College of the Humanities.